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ColorFull is Ageless. Find Your Path.

High School

It's High School, it's going to be full of drama. Meanwhile, you're just trying to make it. Well, let us help you focus on for your future.


College is stressfull enough. What if we could give you the low down on best discounts, programs, and more to ease the stress a little.

Hella Grown

You did it. You graduated like you were told. Now what? No one prepped you for adulthood. Well let's figure that sh*t out.

Noone Said Life Was Going to be Easy

But that doesn’t mean you have to live it alone. As a community of people of color, our goal is to help one another live our best lives.

The Team

Daniella Lomo

Daniella Lomo

Founder and CEO

Accountant by Trade but Entrepreneur by Design. I spend my days in the Tech Media Industry but my passions have always been to help others and support my community. Founding ColorFull has given me the outlet to really hone in on this passion and to meet such amazing people. So if I’m not working on my 5 to 9 (trying to turn it into 24/7), you can catch me traveling, eating, or enjoying time with friends and family.

Afua Laast

Afua Laast


My “unusual” name is pronounced ‘Ayy-Fwa’, spelled Afua. I work in the education management field, I really enjoy talking to people about their passions and dreams and showing them the tools to access those dreams. When I’m not at work or working on ColorFull, I’m probably sleeping, traveling, or making and eating great food.

Frankie Richardson

Frankie Richardson


I am an Accountant by day, and family man / workout enthusiast by night. I have always had a passion for working with organizations whose purpose is to serve their communities, and so I spend my days helping businesses grow and run smoother financially. As CFO of Colorfull, I get to see how this passion affects a business from the ground up. When I am not living this passion, I am enjoying the company of friends, a good book, or a heavy dumbbell.


Check Them Out!

Health is Wealth

Self-care is many things. It’s the whole-wheat toasted bagel with jalapeno cream cheese I had the other day. It’s calling my best friends, it’s drinking water. It’s sleeping. It’s me actually paying attention to my Read more…

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