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Why We Need More Conferences Like AfroTech

Accountant. African American Woman. A small dot within the tech workforce. This is my bio. Being a person of color in the tech industry tends to feel like you’re a fish out of water. Though tech companies are working to improve diversity in the workplace, Black and LatinX employees still make up only a small […]

Working the Corporate Ladder – The Job Hunt

Our world is such a fascinating place. There’s always two sides to everything. Just look around you. We have democrats and republicans. We have meat lovers and vegetarians. We even have people bashing and backing Dove. (If you don’t know what I’m talking about. Please click the link and read. It’s the latest and greatest news […]

Working the Corporate Ladder – Knowing When to Quit Your Job

It’s been a long week and you’ve been working your butt off. Today, your manager calls you over for an impromptu meeting. You ask yourself what’s wrong?… am I in trouble? Then your manger scolds you for missing a deadline and you feel your heart sink. And then… Boom! You jump out of bed sweating. […]

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