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#CollegeSigningDay2018: Tips for Stepping Back Before Launching Forward

By: Laura Eustache Zamor May 2nd, 2018, marked the special day where I could recall many of my former students getting excited about revealing the college or university they’d decided to say ‘YES’ to. After the months of hard work, essay writing, college visiting, financial aid assessing, and GPA improving, the efforts culminate in #CollegeSigningDay where […]

1st Year Woes – 11 Tips to Owning Your 1st Job

Thoughts and questions such as “how do I respond to that”, “Wtf are they talking about”, “Oh shi*t did I mess up?”, “did they really just say that”, “WTF is going on” are frequently running through my mind at work. I have been working for 10.5 years. I started working when I was 14. However, […]

Let’s Talk Spring Cleaning

Spring is here!…. or so I thought. I wouldn’t be surprised if I woke up to snow tomorrow. I’m banking on that not happening since I just switched my closet out and have nothing but Spring/ Summer attire that compliment my melanin skin. This summer is all about bringing out the new refreshed me. This […]

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