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Credit 101- Getting to 850

What is credit? In short the closer your number is to 850, creditors are more assured that you will pay them back. Ex. If I asked you for $1,000, and you looked up my credit score which is above 750, you could rest assured that I consistently pay off my debts and you will get […]

Reading Credit Card Summary

You got a credit card, and there is no APR for 12-18 months –Yass live your best life with no repercussions…Wrong. Credit cards are great especially when you get bonuses for signing up and don’t have to pay interest for a whole year. There is a downside though -plummeting credit score. Using the example above […]

To credit or not to credit

Bad Credit, high-interest rates, and late fees. Scary, right? I get it… So why use a credit card? Credit cards are revolving credit, meaning there is a maximum limit on your card, set by the bank that you can use and pay off on a daily basis. In theory, the money in your checking is […]

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