If you're reading this, it's not too late...

We live in a world where we have access to so much information. Yet, so many people miss out on this knowledge. Many of us are too busy stressing about the dollar bill, we ignore opportunities to save a little cash on items we're already paying for.

So to help out, we have gathered a list of student discounts for every day costs that we ignore. Check it out below!

*Note - If you have an active student email, you typically are be able to access these discounts but don't quote us!



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For 4.99, students can get the premium plan AND Hulu!.

Pandora Music

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Though Pandora does not have a student plan, they do offer a free ad based version that gets the job done!

Apple Music

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For Apple lovers, Apple Music also offers students a discounted plan at 4.99!


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Tidal from Jay Z is also here to bring you a $4.99 plan with access to exclusive music and tidal concerts!

Online Commerce

Amazon Prime

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Are you obsessed with Amazon? Get Prime on a student discount!

Video Streaming


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Sad to report, no student discounts there. BUT if you happen to have T-Mobile, Netflix is on Them!


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See Above – Why get Hulu alone when you can save with Spotify!


Student Universe

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Do you have the travel bug? Are you a globetrotter? Feeling Wanderlust? Here is a website that has discounted travel at the tip of your fingers..

General Discounts

Image result for retailmenot

One of our go to sites is RetailMeNot if we can’t find student or employee discounts for sites and apps we use. You will find pretty much anything here. Whether it’s a discount at a retailer or a discount for renting a car or a discount on food – this is the site we’ve drifted to.

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Unidays has proven to be another great site for student discounts. Check them out!


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