Working the Corporate Ladder – The Job Hunt

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Our world is such a fascinating place. There’s always two sides to everything. Just look around you. We have democrats and republicans. We have meat lovers and vegetarians. We even have people bashing and backing Dove. (If you don’t know what I’m talking about. Please click the link and read. It’s the latest and greatest news […]

Side Note: How to Be Broke in College – 3 Tips to Survive Living Under the Poverty Line

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Work smarter not harder. That was what I told people when I would joke about not owning any textbooks. The truth? I couldn’t afford those million dollar books. I remember hearing the complaints from my middle and upper class counterparts and wondered, if they complain about not being able to buy all their books for […]

Working the Corporate Ladder – Busy Season Part 1

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Busy Season. I’m pretty convinced that on one of my late nights, my coffee whispered, “Be Strong” to me. So for those who have no idea what busy season means, this is every accountant’s worst nightmare. And every accountant will have the following conversation with themselves (thoughts/questions are in no specific order): “Why did I […]