ColorFull is about community. We strive to build a foundation for everyone to be heard and want to provide a collection of voices that represent a variety of views, and that includes yours. So write for us! If you have a story you want to share, let us know here!

Send us story pitches below! Please include links to writing samples or a blog if you have one. Your pitch should include a summary of what you want to cover. (Please note that ColorFull pieces are typically 500 to 1000 words long).

We DO NOT accept articles that are advertising in nature or written specifically to drive traffic to a particular site.

Writing the ColorFull Way:
We’re looking for smart, sassy, articulate, insightful pieces that inform, encourage, motivate, and entertain. We’re all about health, financial literacy, personal relationships, leadership, career development, and much more, —especially if it promotes self love, diversity, and inclusion.

We suggest reading recent pieces on the site to get an idea of what we are looking for.

Here are a few tips for making sure your article is popping:

  • Grasp our attention. The first few sentences of your piece are the most important, so make sure you have a strong hook at the beginning. You want to immediately engage readers.
  • Get to the point. We all hear lots stories. To make yours stand out, find a way to make it unique and relatable. Take a stance, and make it a must-read for our audience.
  • Don’t get too fancy. Write how you speak to others – conversation is key.
  • Slide in some positivity. That doesn’t mean we’re not realists, but we want to instill a “Yes I Can” attitude. #SiSePuede

Let’s Be Real:
Your article will not appear on ColorFull if we determine that it was plagiarized, covers a topic that is not appropriate for the site, or otherwise does not meet the guidelines described above. Also, we do not permit stories to be posted on ColorFull that contain explicitly inflammatory content.

The Elephant in the Room:

At this time we are growing and unable to pay writers. However, we want to make sure your voice is heard! By sharing your articles on ColorFull, you have a platform to build your personal brand and network. We will recognize writers for their work and highlight this on the ColorFull site and social media!