laptop desk corporate lifeHey Fam! To those who have been keeping up with this blogger’s journey, welcome back! To those new to the site, I hope you’re ready for the tour…

If you made it through the ‘Life After College’ series, then based on the title herein, you know where I’m taking you next. We’re taking a deep dive into years 1 and 2 in Corporate America. It’s a jungle out there in Corporate America, so don’t be fooled by those internships you may have done with your, now new, employer. Remember when you worked 9 to 5 and you wasted no time flying out of the door? Say – Goodbye.

[I’m going to give you a chance to be in my head for a second. I need you to imagine the automated voice you hear when you call customer service and it decides to end the call on you. OR even better, if you ever used AOL, think of that voice. Now have that voice ready whenever you see me say ‘Goodbye’. Promise you might chuckle like I am right now].

Remember when everyone was just so nice to you and never made you feel dumb? Say – Goodbye.  Remember when the team told you’ll have a lot of great learning opportunities. Well. This is a trap. Run. Then say – Goodbye. Remember when you were always with the other interns and you became best friends that summer? DEFINITELY say – Goodbye.

Anyway, you know what I’m trying to get at. I can go on all day about that, but instead, I’ll work my way towards the meat of the topic. This series is going to take you through the beginning of my career, through my eyes.

Quick disclosure, the following experiences are my own or what I have seen. You may not have this same experiences. My hopes here are that you will find some key trends and lessons hidden throughout my story.

Before we jump into the rest of the series, I want to open up the floor for you. No matter where you are in your life, I want to hear from you. If you’re a student, what do you expect working full time to be? If you’re a working professional in the beginning of your career, how has your perspective changed since being a student? And if you are later in your career, what are some things you learned during the start of your career that carried you to the position you are in now? Take a moment and think about this.

Now, keep this in mind as you read through the series, but also please comment below and share some thoughts and insight. We need to learn from one another.

But enough of me digging into your soul. Let’s talk about mine.

Stay Tuned..


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