By: Laura Eustache Zamor

May 2nd, 2018, marked the special day where I could recall many of my former students getting excited about revealing the college or university they’d decided to say ‘YES’ to.

After the months of hard work, essay writing, college visiting, financial aid assessing, and GPA improving, the efforts culminate in #CollegeSigningDay where we all celebrate high school seniors picked the one place where they will begin their journey into the next stage of life.

And while we can’t ignore the overwhelming energy of our environmental times, calling young college-bound men and women to speak up and take action, it’s important for seniors to take a step back and reflect. It’s important to acknowledge all it has taken for you and your family and support system to get to this very moment. Take a step back and celebrate the moments where difficulties made you feel like setting your eyes on the future wasn’t worth it. I say it’s important to take a minute because before you move forward, you’ll need to be mindful of what lies ahead.

New environment. New friends. New learning experiences. New trials. And definitely, new tribulations.

So while you’re preparing for graduation and putting up selfies or hashtags for the school you’re now going to call home, check out these self-care tips. You want to make sure you’re headed into this new stage calm, grounded, aware, and refreshed.

  1. Boundaries: what does this word mean for you? College is undoubtedly the area of development where people and circumstances will serve to test what you’re comfortable with and willing to expose yourself to. Think about ways in which you can establish some healthy boundaries so as not to become overwhelmed.
  2. Identity: what has high school taught you about yourself, your habits, self-perceptions? How do these things play a role in how you have identified up until this point? What are the things you love and want to keep? What do you want to see evolve and change? Taking time to assess will prevent you from falling into the trap of feeling like you have to emulate those around you.
  3. Self-preservation: what you eat, how much sleep you get, and how physically active you are will play a major role in your overall health while making the transition to your new home. Putting some habits into practice during the time between graduation and the beginning of the new semester will definitely set you up for success. Studies show it takes 90 days to turn a practice into a habit. Get started now!

Laura Eustache Zamor is an MSEd. School Counselor and Student Affairs professional.

As the owner and lead counselor at LoLo’s Light House Productions, LLC., Laura works with students of Afro-Caribbean heritage to achieve personal, social, emotional wellness. Purchase her debut memoir, The Audacity to Finish, available on Amazon. Follow her @lhpllc2018


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