Self-care is many things. It’s the whole-wheat toasted bagel with jalapeno cream cheese I had the other day. It’s calling my best friends, it’s drinking water. It’s sleeping. It’s me actually paying attention to my body.

Paying attention to my body has been higher and higher on my list lately, especially since it’s flu season.

Over the past few days, I’ve been soooooooooooo (the extra o’s helping you catch my drift?) uncomfortable. As a matter of fact, that’s an understatement. Having the flu is THE WORSTTTTTTT. Like…. I was SICK sick. I could not breathe through my nose, then once that cleared up, I had an acute pain by my jaw and winced every time I moved my mouth, only to have that subside and my ears refuse to pop.  Finally, I was BURNING and had the worst headache- every smell and sound drove me nuts. I love living in NYC. It’s a pretty awesome city but it STINKS. Like STINK stink, especially when your nose and ears pick up on everything – the trash, the people, the aroma from restaurants mingling.

After a few days, I woke up and could smell the vanilla and coconut scent that lingers in my room and my phone’s ringtone did not sound like pounding – I realized WOW my body is working again. My eyes, my nose, my ears – they don’t hurt. In all, I was grateful and mindful of feeling. I didn’t feel especially great – like a post workout can do – at the same time, I didn’t feel as awful as the previous days. I just was.  

Every time I get sick I go through a similar process of discomfort and realize how I take feeling “normal” for granted.  

I hope to be more mindful moving forward and really listen to my body. I’ve been seeing self-care as attending to myself more, listening to my body, and being more intentional about its upkeep and general maintenance.

I stay on top of my doctor’s appointments, my diet is pretty healthy, and I work out about an hour, 4 days a week. I started noticing which foods energize me and which ones make me slow and ugh. Working out hasn’t necessarily changed my body but I move so much better and can better identify what causes discomfort. When I don’t work out in the morning, I feel awful. Like coffee and bagels cannot get me to smile and nod at my co-workers’ rants of the day.

It’s a tasking process but always remember that HEALTH IS WEALTH!

Time constraints, cost, and asinine policies inhibit people from visiting the doctor. AND, urgent care costs are $$$$, but if you can, PLEASE GO. Apps like ZocDoc, Yelp for doctors, help find doctors in your network, identify why you are visiting and book/ reschedule appointments. ZocDoc also reminds you of the appointment as well as other doctors you should be visiting, and when. It is recommended to see the following doctors at regular intervals.

  •         Primary Care Physician: 1x a year
  •         Eye Doctor: 1x a year
  •         Dermatologist: 1x a year (Skin Cancer Check)
  •         Dentist: 6 months
  •         Gynecologist: 6 months – 1x a year

Huffington post gives a little more detail on the doctors you should see and why. Again, if you can go, GO!

Doctor visits are annoying, costly, not to mention, time-consuming. If I’m going because something is wrong, then I’m nervous because WTF is wrong with me?! Even though finding out what is wrong is helpful in the long run, it’s still a very scary process. Then if I go to the doctor and everything is fine, then I’m tight I gave them my money!

What I’m saying is, take a minute to listen to your body. Paying attention to your body is a form of self-care that encompasses being cognizant of what you eat, being active daily and generally caring for yourself. This gives you the tools needed to know when to get help, and of course, actually seeking it.

Take a second now, make a doctors appointment. If you don’t have a doctor or know who takes your insurance or trying to find a POC doctor-  download ZocDoc or ask your friends.

Have a gym membership, but don’t go? Look up classes they offer at the gym or pen some time into your calendar. No membership, no money for a membership – hit up Youtube or download Apps like Nike Training.

And of course, drink your water, and eat ColorFull food.

  • This post is not sponsored by any of the mentioned products.



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