Afua Laast & Daniella Lomo

“Happy New Year!” – this phrase is such a fascinating concept. What exactly are we happy for? Where does this happiness lie? What makes this day so different from the day before? This phase of transition from one day to the next has become a phenomenon where we magically hit the reset button.

We go from dreading the end of an era to embracing the new chapter with open arms. We start fresh with daunting resolutions and exhausting the “New Year, New Me” vibe. I don’t know about y’all but I’m tired of seeing the years go by and watching my “goals” just pile up.

Did you set goals to start pursuing on January 1st? How are you ensuring they aren’t piling up and being swept under the rug by life – A Vision Board. Vision Boards are a way to be intentional about mapping out your goals. Life has many components, including family, love,  friends, career, hobbies, health, fitness, finance, and more! We are often just trying to make it to the end of the day, or the week. Vision Boards help set a holistic plan – we can call it a manifestation of the vision you have for yourself in X time frame. I know you have an amazing image that pops into your head when you imagine your “ideal” life. Sometimes, life gets in the way and clouds that picture or makes it seem very far away. A Vision Board allows us the space to reflect, put blinders on, and create a real life picture. As life happens, we can look at the Vision Board to keep the dream alive.

Creating a Vision Board is amazing because it allows you to explore “the why” of your goals and dig into the process. Very rarely is the goal the most important aspect of a journey. It’s the process. Vision Boards make space for us to put images, quotes, etc. of our ideal selves up on a poster board, and, in doing this, we start to think through the process. A new job will rarely ever just land in our inbox unless we go to networking events and spruce up our LinkedIn’s. Someone once said, “stay ready so you don’t gotta get ready”. These words are wisdom. A Vision Board is a step in getting ready to intentionally pursue your goals and/or objectives. Once you say something, put a concrete image to it, maybe have an accountability partner or two – well, you have to do it.

Jay-Z said he can’t remember the last time he saw the back of his eyelids. A Vision Board is your real dream. By creating it and placing it in a visible place: your entryway, above your desk, screensaver; whether you’re asleep or awake the dream is always clear. Reference it in the morning so you know your WHY. I’m not sleeping, because I have to manifest this vision. I’m going to this 9-5 as a step towards making my vision a reality. Find that moment in your day (whether it’s on the subway to work, your drive home, your lunch break, walking your dog, before bed, etc.) and reflect on what you did that day to bring that vision to life. Don’t take any more moments for granted in 2019!

About a year ago, we started the ColorFull Experience to uplift, support, and empower the Black and Latinx community. So, in 2019 we want to help you make your goals come to life. The ColorFull team is throwing a Vision Board brunch in NYC this Sunday, January 27th, 2019 – *Join us*

“All I got is dreams nobody else can see. Nobody else believes, nobody else but me” – Jay-Z. Before Jay-Z’s words might have rung true for you, but now that you are part of the ColorFull Family, know that We Got You.


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