dock, feet, footwearWelcome to life after college. To LIFE. After COLLEGE. What does that even mean? Up until graduation, I thought I figured out everything I needed to know about what was to come. I busted my chops through school to secure internships and a job offer. After all, it is the most important piece right? WRONG. There is so much that higher education does not teach you, even if you choose to stay a couple more years. So welcome. Welcome to the blog series that will tell you what you didn’t realize you needed to know about life after college.

Imagine slacklining with weights you know you can’t handle in both arms and on your noggin. Then, imagine taking the wrong step and falling face first into a pile of manure. Sounds like something you would see in a circus right? Well, this is what it felt like once I moved out of my mother’s home. No reins, no restraints, and VERY confused.

Now, don’t get me wrong. I know many who have the luxury of staying home with their family while they work. But it’s a whole new world when that option just isn’t there for you. So this post is for the fortunate folks who can’t stay at home after graduation, for those who choose to move out after a fabulous summer, and those who move out a tad bit later. So let’s dive in together shall we?

But wait, who am I you say? My name is Daniella (sometimes known as Della, Ella, D, Dani…the list goes on) and I am an African American working professional that graduated from a PWI (It’s okay…Google It) as a first generation student. I come from a one parent household with two siblings (myself being the oldest). Originally from the Big Apple, got a chance to experience the suburbs and decided the city is where I belonged after graduation. I mean after all, that’s where all the money is.

So as you may guess, I am indeed an Accountant but in this space I am an entrepreneur, a friend, family, a sister, a teacher, and a mentor. I am a woman, not defined by her degree, hoping to shed some light to my fellow brothers and sisters about what’s to come after all those exams are done. The struggle can be real at times, especially as a minority so hopefully this can be a space we can all come together and share our stories.

So here we are, this blog series will take you through the many pieces of dealing with the first few months after entering the working world. The next couple of blogs will talk about expenses. Yes, I said expenses. Yes, and you may not even have money coming in yet when these expenses creep up. How Sway? That’s LIFE. It’s a bumpy ride in the beginning but you’ll make it work. Promise.

Black Calculator Near Ballpoint Pen on White Printed PaperBefore you read any further, jot this down: 50/20/30. This is the breakdown of ideal spending: 50% related to fixed expenses (i.e. rent/utilities), 20% to financial goals (loan payment/savings/retirement), 30% to miscellaneous (eating/entertainment/shopping). Keep this breakdown handy as you continue through the blog series.

Stay Tuned Fam.

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