Side Note: How to Be Broke in College – 3 Tips to Survive Living Under the Poverty Line

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Work smarter not harder. That was what I told people when I would joke about not owning any textbooks. The truth? I couldn’t afford those million dollar books. I remember hearing the complaints from my middle and upper class counterparts and wondered, if they complain about not being able to buy all their books for […]

A Newbie’s Guide to Adulting After College: Savings and Investments

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SAVINGS AND INVESTMENTS Now that I’ve scared you back into your mother’s womb, let’s talk about some serious business. After all of those costs, how do I save?? Great Question. The answer is BARELY. In the beginning at least. But you should really try to start saving for things like retirement, an emergency fund, vacation fund, […]

A Newbie’s Guide to Adulting After College: Public Transportation

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TRANSPORTATION This one is pretty obvious but always underestimated. Depending on your location, if you decided to use a car look out for the following: car loan, car insurance, car taxes, GAS, repairs and maintenance, tolls, and parking. They add up very quickly, especially maintenance from driving day in and day out. Want a car […]