end of the road

As Boyz II Men sang, “Although we’ve come, to the end of the road…” it’s not quite over yet.

eclipseYou know what is almost over? The 2017 solar eclipse! And sadly, I missed it! While all of the US enjoyed this lovely opportunity to start collecting disability checks, I am enjoying a nice gloomy day in London.

Let me chill before I sound like a snob. I’m sorry ya’ll. I’ll simmer down now.

But ya’ll don’t understand what it’s like expecting some last minute summer sun and when you get gloom instead. PLUS, I’m probably missing out on all the fun on #BlackTwitter. I can’t even check because of all the TV show spoilers. It’s a dub.

Alright, let’s get back into it. First things first. Did you remember the 50/20/30 rule? Ring a bell? Crash course refresher shall we? This is the breakdown of ideal spending: 50% related to fixed expenses (i.e. rent/utilities), 20% to financial goals (loan payment/savings/retirement), 30% to miscellaneous (eating/entertainment/shopping). Note that I said “ideal”. This breakdown is not the same for everyone, varies based on your own personal financial situation.

Now, with what you know about these expenses and savings plans (thanks to yours truly), start looking into how much you plan to make and break out how much you can spend per month on these expenses.

So let’s summarize the topics previously discussed:

  • Housing – Look into details about housing options in your city and whether you need a guarantor. Remember sites like Trulia, Street Easy, and even Craiglists can be useful.
  • Food – Figure out what works for your eating habits. Are you a cook? Or do you need a chef? Are you a grocery shopper? Or a die hard online shopper?
  • Utilities – Consider your options. For example, do you need cable or can you cut it like O.T Genasis?
  • Transportation – You need to know how your moving. Are you whipping around in your own Bugatti? Or are you ready to be a sardine on the subway? Either way, remember real G’s move in silence.
  • Student Loans – Don’t forget these. Even if you do, Sally Mae will remind you. Learn which payment plan options are available to you.
  • Savings and Investments – After all those stressful expenses, ready to kill the investing game? Or will you start with a small savings plan?

Looking into all of this BEFOREHAND will save you all the stress, anger, and tears that come with the change. It’ll save you that embarrassing trip back home to your parents yelling that ‘the world is out to get me, yo.’

It’s true, the world is out to get you. But this is where you fight back. Especially as a person of color. This is where you show them you will make it out in the world just fine. These basic day to day survival items are not taught in college and can be a rude awakening, so spend some time on this blog and leave comments on how this made you feel or if you have questions. I want to create a forum for all people of color to chat and talk about the struggles faced when your fresh out of college and in the real world.

ColorFull is made by color, full of color, for the love of color.

Stay Tuned for more blog series about experiences in the workplace, personal relationships after college, and self-development.

Much Love From Yours Truly,

Daniella (But call me Della)


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