busy season accounting corporate americaBusy Season.

I’m pretty convinced that on one of my late nights, my coffee whispered, “Be Strong” to me.

So for those who have no idea what busy season means, this is every accountant’s worst nightmare. And every accountant will have the following conversation with themselves (thoughts/questions are in no specific order): “Why did I choose this career?”, “Is it too late to go back to undergrad?”, “Why are we staying late? Everyone stopped being productive once we started ordering dinner.”, “I need to take a shower”, “What if I walked out right now?”

Busy season is predominately known as the period from January to April or somewhat around the time of Q1. For tax accountants, busy season ends March or April depending on who their clients are. I never did tax, so I had a different definition of busy season. As an auditor, this was the time period where a client with a 12/31 year end (when the 12 month period is done and they close their books), would pass on the torch for us to review their financials.

Before I completely lose your attention, I’m going to pull us out of that dense topic. Just know, if you’re not an accountant you may never experience busy season. But it all depends on your career path. Those who go down the route of finance may experience something similar. Otherwise, if you are in business, or tech, or media, or sports, or government, or medical, or whatever else, you will definitely experience some busy times, but hopefully nothing like mine.

My first busy season was interesting. It actually intertwines with my other series ‘Life After College’ because I was in the midst of figuring out my apartment situation. So for the first few weeks on the client is where I was traveling back and forth from my mother’s home (2.5 hours each way). LUCKY for me, I had an amazing team at the time that was understanding, so I had the opportunity to leave early (early being 6pm I should note). Nonetheless, I was grateful.

I just chuckled at myself for really being grateful to leave work early (when it was actually late). Oh boy, how things have changed since.

Brace Yourselves Busy Season is Coming.


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