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Spring is here!…. or so I thought. I wouldn’t be surprised if I woke up to snow tomorrow. I’m banking on that not happening since I just switched my closet out and have nothing but Spring/ Summer attire that compliment my melanin skin. This summer is all about bringing out the new refreshed me.

This year’s closet change was a little more of a process for me. Still is- my floor is a carpet of clothes (this might actually be an understatement). I grew up in a household where my mother would buy outfits 1 or 2 sizes bigger, because “you’ll grow into it”. This may have been a blessing and a curse. I took this mentality and ran with it. I ran with the belief that 1) I would grow into it or 2) “I’ll lose this ‘freshman 15’ and get back into them”. I’ve been holding on because “I don’t have no money” but also always felt that I would need that one shirt and regret if I threw it out. In reality, this mentality reflects many aspects of my life.

And so, I had a serious conversation with myself and made a “Keep”, “Donate”, and “Throw-away” pile. I was going through my clothes, having a mini fashion show and jamming. Naturally my mind continued to wander and I started applying the three categories to other parts of my life:

The KEEP Pile

The Keep pile is clothes I have actively worn in the past 6 months, from my Winter/Fall clothes. Then from that, clothes I actually like and fit properly. Not fit the body I want to have – but the body I have.

In the moment, I was looking at my clothes, I realized the clothes I was choosing to “keep” reflected the lifestyle i’m currently choosing to live. The Pile represented my inner passions: figuring out what my goals were for myself in the coming months and holding onto them, wearing them. A really big thing for me right now is “living my truth”. In a Shonda Rhimes Year of Yes kinda way. Most my life i’ve been focused on school and work and not gone to enough parties or spontaneous adventures. I am happy with my achievements, but I realize i’m not allowing my full self to live.


There were a ton of sweaters that I never wore last winter or this winter. WHY YOU KEEPING THESE, sis? This pile also had clothes that were still good to wear but 1) I haven’t worn in a while 2) don’t fit and I have to let go 3) no longer fit my aesthetic, better yet they probably never fit my aesthetic but I wanted to be “en vogue” but just looked stupid.

In living my best life I had to think about what isn’t working for me. I want to hangout with my friends and co-workers, however, swiping my card everyday for lunch or spending $100 a weekend on food and drinks is just not sustainable for me. I am donating this lifestyle to those who can afford it. So, i’m making a commitment to myself to go back to bringing lunch everyday and not going out for a snack, the bakery next to my job charges $4 for a cookie. I love eating out but unless i’m going to start washing dishes for my meals and drinks, i’m cutting back.


This clothing pile had stains that wouldn’t come out or rips and holes — I had to say goodbye.

I’m throwing away the notion that I need to have it all together, all the time. Everything cannot and will not go according to plan, and that’s fine.

Anywho, I still have piles of clothing on my floor. Yet, I managed to return a few things, and I reached out to a few friends. Some things were easier to do than others, and things are still in process. But, I feel lighter, like I have a Spring in my step (see what I did there?).

The Spring is all about evaluating and utilizing all the things accumulated and stored in the Fall and winter months, ushering new life. Opening new doors and letting the best self-bloom. So I encourage you to start/think on your own “Keep”, “Donate”, and “Throw-away” pile conversation to help you get back on track to living your best life this season.


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